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Headache Treatment

An analysis into the types and causes of headaches will hardly excite someone who has to battle splitting headaches occasionally. But a discussion of the different types of headache treatments available at our facility will definitely make him sit up, take notice, ponder, and come over to us. At the Houston Headache Institute, we administer the following forms of headache treatments to help your case:

• Medications

Medicines are amongst the most commonly prescribed of all forms of headache treatments. Medication for headache treatments can be grouped into three classes—those that provide symptomatic relief and those that are used in abortive and preventive therapies. Apart from these drugs, some anti-depressants are also used to reduce the intensity and frequency of occurrence of tension headaches. The type of drug to be used and its dosage is however, determined by a qualified medical practitioner.

• Nerve Blocks

We are up-to-date on the latest research into headache treatments and as such have started using nerve blocks to help the case of those suffering from chronic tension headaches, migraine, and post-traumatic headaches. In this method of pain management, a nerve that is transmitting the pain impulses is temporarily frozen or anesthetized. After the effect wears off, it is seen that the headache has lessened or completely gone away. In some individuals, this form of treatment has even shown permanent pain relief.

• BotoxTM

 One of the latest methods of headache treatments is the use of BotoxTM. As per the recommendations of the FDA, we administer BotoxTM  shots once in every 12 weeks to chronic migraine sufferers to provide them relief from their headache symptoms. There is significant improvement in the condition of the patient within the first week itself and the effect lasts for up to three to four months.

Now that you know that we have the headache treatments to help you lead a pain-free life, call us at 713-467-4082 to schedule an appointment.

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