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Headaches We Treat

A headache is not uncommon and can stem from a variety of causes. Sometimes lying down in a quiet dark room or popping in an aspiring helps but there are other times where the headache becomes severe enough to call in the doctor. At Houston Headache  Institute, we come across many such cases. The types of headaches we treat may be caused by a multitude of reasons. The following are the different kinds of headaches we treat at our facility:

• Chronic/Daily Headaches

Of all the different types of headaches we treat, the chronic/daily ones are probably the most common in our patients. These occur on 15 days or more in a month, for at least three months in a year, and are not the fallout of any other medical condition. They may be of short duration or may last longer, say for four hours or more.

• Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are acute pains that last for many weeks. Many sufferers experience bouts of intense pain throughout a day for several weeks or even months at a time interspersed with pain-less periods of varying lengths.

• External Compression Headaches

Of all the forms of headaches we treat, this is probably one of the easiest to cure. These aches occur as a result of wearing tight headgear like headbands, goggles, and helmets.

• Migraine

Of the various types of headaches we treat, migraine is one of the most common complaints amongst those who visit us. Migraine is three times more common in women than men and may be triggered off by stress and anxiety, lack of food and sleep, and also hormonal changes.

• Allergy and Sinus Headaches

Contrary to popular belief, allergy does not lead to a sinus headache. An allergic reaction may however, cause sinus congestion which in turn, may cause a headache. Also, an allergic reaction releases histamine in the body that may dilate the blood vessels in the brain and aggravate a migraine attack.

Apart from theses headache types, there are some other kinds of headaches we treat, such as the following:

• Primary Cough
• Rebound
• Sex-related
• Spinal
• Tension
• Thunderclap
• Ice Cream
• Headaches in late teens and adults

To know more about the types of headaches we treat and how we can help your particular case, call us at 713-467-4082.

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