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Migrain Headache Treatment

Although migraines headaches are common in people, there seems to be no shortage of questions surrounding them. The FAQs regarding migraine headaches range from their causes and symptoms to how they can they be treated effectively.

Sufferers of migraine headaches usually report severe and often debilitating headaches and some even require bed rest. Almost 40% of all migraine headache sufferers are rendered incapable of performing their daily activities. Migraine headaches may last for a few hours to up to a week, usually beginning with a dull pain ache that intensifies into a pounding pain. The pain can affect only the front of the head or shift from one side to the other. It usually aggravates with physical activity and the sufferer experiences increased sensitivity to light and sound.

The causes of migraine headaches probably evoke the most curiosity in people. According to physicians, the exact causes have not yet been pinpointed but research has shown that migraines are caused by changes in the brain and are also influenced by genetic factors. In fact, researchers have also discovered a migraine “pain center” in the brain. Hyperactive nerve cells from this region signal blood vessels to first constrict and then expand and release inflammatory substances throughout the body. Research has also found out that 4 out of 5 migraine sufferers have a history of the condition in their families. With both parents suffering from migraines, the risks of the offspring developing the condition increases to 75%. However, there are triggers of migraine attacks like emotional stress, excessive intake of caffeine, fatigue, changes in normal sleep pattern, and lack of food.

For sufferers of migraine headaches, the sole point of interest in the topic probably lies in the treatment methodologies. We, at Houston Headache Institute, have a host of treatment options, both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic like behavioral therapies, to alleviate the pain and minimize the symptoms of migraine. When in need of migraine treatment, call us at 713-467-4082.

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